Program Highlights in August, 2019

(Names have been modified to prevent identity disclosure.)



Michael enrolled at CSRI, determined to get a job. He has been working nearly every day with CSRI’s job developer to get his resume ready to be used in looking for employment. He fills out multiple job applications every day and has already secured some job interviews. Michael is an excellent example of persistence in job searching.



Even though Gilbert was not mandated to take substance abuse classes when he enrolled at CSRI, he told his caseworker he thought it would be good for him. He explained that he struggles from time to time with triggers that tempt him to return to his old substance abuse habits. He recently finished CSRI’s substance abuse course and received the certificate of completion. Gilbert thanked the instructor for providing him the tools he needs to handle the triggers when they come, and to resist the temptation to use again.



Antonio is an alumnus who graduated from CSRI in May. He completed substance abuse and anger management classes. Antonio stopped by CSRI to say hello and to share how grateful he is for our services. He said that the classes helped him a great deal and continue to impact him, as he applies what he learned to his everyday life. He is still employed full-time and is involved in church activities.



Javonte, another alumnus from May, came to the center to say hello and let us know he is doing great. He has kept his welding job, but has since taken steps to receive certification as a more advanced welder. He hopes to be promoted soon and came by to thank us again for all of CSRI’s help.



Nathan was a fantastic student. He successfully completed our program after maintaining perfect attendance in the 52-week domestic violence class. He has maintained a positive attitude throughout and CSRI wishes him luck in his future.


CSRI’s Newest Job Developer

CSRI’s newest Job Developer is making great strides at our Moreno Valley center with four students securing full-time jobs at Sketcher’s Warehouse in just two months and one student hired at Custom Coach Works, with three more to be interviewed.


Program Highlights in July, 2019

(Names have been modified to prevent identity disclosure.)



James came to CSRI unsure about his future. He had recently lost a family member, but remained committed to keeping up with his classes at CSRI. He will join the next Caltrans orientation group and his attitude has improved tremendously as he accomplishes goals and works toward a positive future.



Semaj has perfect attendance and is doing well in housing. He is trying to save as much money as possible before his projected exit date from his housing site. Since his conversation with his caseworker about his housing exit plan, Semaj has been coming to CSRI to take advantage of our nutritious snacks, even on days when he does not have class scheduled. Semaj is really putting effort into saving money.



Howard came to us with relatively few social skills. He has since learned more about communication, interacting positively with fellow students and staff. He spends his free time reading novels in CSRI’s lobby. Howard is showing he is ready and willing to change.



Joshua enrolled at CSRI ready to take advantage of as many services as possible, but his major goal was to earn his GED. He worked hard and successfully passed the exam after just a few months. Joshua recently secured a full time job and continues to work hard in his reentry efforts.



Brian enrolled in CSRI’s Batterers’ Intervention class and completed the class with perfect attendance. He was respectful and friendly to staff and peers. It has been a pleasure having Brian as a student at CSRI.


Riverside County Office of Education

Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) continues to be a great friend and supporter of CSRI Moreno Valley. In addition to having RCOE staff teach GED preparation, parenting, and verbal skills at our center, they always are on the lookout for in-kind donations for our students. Recently, they dropped off several plates of baked items leftover from a workshop. CSRI students enjoyed the delicious gifts and appreciated RCOE’s thoughtfulness.


Program Highlights in June, 2019

(Names have been modified to prevent identity disclosure.)



James, a CSRI Moreno Valley student, recently was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given a short time to live. James wants to finish as many classes as he can at CSRI. He told his Caseworker he knows he is dying, and has two goals: One to die out of prison, and the second to die clean and sober. CSRI staff and students have been inspired by James' courage and positivity.



Since Amanda enrolled in CSRI programming, she has been enthusiastic about changing her life and getting a job. Amanda is also in housing and the housing provider states she is doing very well. She attends all of her classes, has completed a resume, and obtained for medical insurance.



Clint enrolled at CSRI, determined to change and stay out of prison. As a condition of his parole, he was required to take Substance Abuse and Batterer's Intervention classes. He did not miss any classes during his entire enrollment. He utilized CSRI's sober living program, secured full-time employment, and completed his assigned course regimen. After being exited from CSRI as a success, Clint recently called his caseworker to report he had been discharged from parole two years early.



Having been a previous student, Doris re-enrolled in our program this month. During her previous time here, she had seemed withdrawn and uncomfortable being around others. After taking a couple months off to work, Doris returned to our program. This time she seemed much more relaxed and her demeanor was upbeat and her attendance was strong.



Jonas, a CSRI Alum from 2017, recently stopped by CSRI to say hello to staff and to let them know he is doing well. Jonas continues to be busy with construction work, and is studying to take the state exam to become a licensed building contractor. He thanked CSRI staff for their help and said he continues to use the skills he learned in his classes at CSRI.



Marco is excelling as a student. He is making strong progress towards completing his required Domestic Violence class, has a fantastic attitude, and strives to be an example for other students.


Program Highlights in May, 2019

(Names have been modified to prevent identity disclosure.)



When Timothy enrolled at CSRI, he was interested in the Caltrans transitional job placement program. He knew he would have to work hard to complete job readiness classes, attend orientation, and test clean for drug use. Timothy successfully undertook each step and started working for the Caltrans crew this month. He is thankful for the opportunity.



Shawn has had difficulty with his reentry efforts in the past. After release from prison this time, Shawn completed CSRI’s forklift training and graduated from a recovery center. CSRI then offered him a chance at transitional housing and his reentry efforts have improved tremendously.



Joseph is a CSRI student who has taken full advantage of the services that are offered to him. Since he does not work, he decided to double up on his classes and his attendance record is 100%. Joseph has greatly changed since he started at CSRI.



Ricky is doing everything he can to put the mistakes which led to his incarceration behind him. He is working full time and signed up for a rigorous course schedule, including Anger Management and Substance Abuse classes. Despite the size of his course load, he has maintained an attendance rate of 100%. CSRI staff have noticed how hard he is working on his reentry efforts.



Antonio is one of twelve CSRI students that completed Anger Management and one of twenty-one students that completed Substance Abuse this month. Antonio is still focused on successfully reengaging with his community and asked to stay enrolled in both classes because they have been so helpful to him.



Ryan came into the CSRI program with a positive attitude. He wants to move forward with his life and is working hard toward that goal. He always has a friendly smile on his face when he is in the center and encourages other students to have a positive attitude as well.



Chris is one of thirty six students that have successfully completed CSRI programming. He successfully completed all the requirements of his parole and has earned a full-time job near his home.